Disclaimer: National asylum statistics

Note on the use of asylum statistics published by national authorities

Different authorities of European countries publish regular statistical reports on the operation of their asylum systems.

Publicly available statistics from national authorities include data periodically – on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis depending on the country – made available by the following sources:

Country Authority Language
AT Federal Ministry of Interior DE
BE Commissioner-General for Refugees; Aliens Office FR / FR
BG State Agency for Refugees EN
DE Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) DE
FI Immigration Service EN
GR Asylum Service EN
HU Immigration and Asylum Office; Hungarian Helsinki Committee EN / EN
IE International Protection Office EN
IT Dpt. of Civil Liberties and Immigration, Ministry of Interior IT
NL Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) EN
PL Office for Foreigners PL
SE Migration Agency EN
SI Ministry of Interior SI
UK Home Office EN
CH State Secretariat for Migration FR
NO Directorate for Immigration EN

Calculation of decisions and recognition rates

Insofar as possible, references to decisions on asylum applications take into account “in-merit decisions” only, meaning decisions following a substantive examination of whether an asylum seeker qualifies or not for international protection. This excludes decisions such as: (i) “inadmissibility decisions”, whether due to the application of the Dublin Regulation or based on other grounds e.g. “safe third country”, subsequent applications without new elements; and (ii) “technical decisions” taken for example when an application is withdrawn or discontinued.

Accordingly, “recognition rates” are also calculated on the basis of in-merit decisions only, where these are available.

For some countries such as Belgium, national statistical reports of the Commissioner-General for Refugees and Stateless Persons (CGRS) discern the overall number of in-merit decisions. However, negative decisions on specific nationalities only provide a general figure encompassing in-merit rejections and inadmissibility decisions. Accordingly, recognition rates for specific nationalities in Belgium include inadmissibility decisions as well.

For other countries where data are not published by national authorities, information is obtained from Eurostat. Note, however, that this may also affect the calculation of recognition rates, given that according to Eurostat technical guidelines, rejection decisions in the Eurostat database include both in-merit negative decisions and inadmissibility decisions.

About AIDA

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