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27 / 06 / 17

The annual report on administrative detention in France, published today by six civil society organisations present in detention centres, details the systematic use of deprivation of liberty as a primary instrument of migration control.

27 / 06 / 17

Last week the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) granted interim measures under Rule 39 of the Rules of the Court to prevent the return of a rejected asylum seeker to Turkey under the EU-Turkey deal.

21 / 06 / 17

An AIDA legal briefing published today tracks the expansion of detention policies and practices across Europe.

01 / 06 / 17

On 30 May 2017, the Irish Supreme Court delivered a landmark decision in case N.V.H. v. Minister for Justice and Equality and declared the absolute prohibition on seeking of employment for asylum seekers unconstitutional.

01 / 06 / 17

The Administrative Court of Ceuta ruled on 25 May 2017 that asylum seekers passing the admissibility phase of the asylum procedure have a right to freely move across the Spanish territory and access the mainland.

26 / 05 / 17

The asylum reform streak continues in Austria, as a new legislative proposal on an aliens law amendment (FrÄG 2017, Part II) has been tabled before the Austrian parliament.

19 / 05 / 17

An AIDA legal briefing published today examines the use of special procedures to accelerate, prioritise and fast-track asylum applications in European countries.

18 / 05 / 17

The AIDA Comparator has now been updated with the information provided in the 2016 Update of the Country Reports. Reflecting the addition of the chapter on content of protection in the Country Reports, this new section has been added to the topics discussed in the Comparator.

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