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There is no set time frame regarding beneficiaries’ right to stay in the Reception Centre, however persons are informed and urged by the Asylum Service in order to expedite their transition to the community. As the vast majority of people will not be able to secure employment immediately after receiving international protection, and in the absence of any special provisions facilitating their transition into the community e.g. one-off stipend for securing housing, covering family expenses etc., almost all persons will need to apply for financial aid through the national Guaranteed Minimum Income (GMI) scheme.

Following a roundtable consultation between the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Labour, UNHCR and FWC, under the auspices of the Ombudsman’s office in 2015, it was decided that applications for GMI by beneficiaries who are still residing in the Reception Centre will be prioritised.

Although efforts have been made, in practice, several months elapse before people are able to move out of the Reception Centre. This is partly due to the fact that the GMI scheme does not provide amounts for housing, unless a specific property has already been rented. Therefore beneficiaries will need to use the monthly allowances granted for the coverage of their personal needs in order to accumulate the amounts required for paying a deposit and rent from home owners. It should also be noted that deposits are not covered through the GMI scheme.

There have been no cases of people being evicted out of the Reception Centre before being able to secure housing.

There are no schemes in effect providing housing to beneficiaries of international protection. Persons will need to secure private accommodation on their own. This is often a difficult task, due to language barriers and financial constraints related to high levels of unemployment, high rent prices and height of assorted allowances.

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