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Asylum seekers that are nationals of countries considered to be safe are dealt with most of the time under an accelerated procedure (in 90% of the cases) (see section on Safe Country of Origin).

Furthermore, according to the practical observations of many actors in the field of asylum in France, the processing of asylum claims for people of Rwandan nationality can take a particularly long time.

Until 2014, Syrian asylum seekers did not get any specific treatment in France. Currently, OFPRA’s objective is to process Syrian asylum claims within 3 months. In order to achieve this goal, claims from Syrian nationals are prioritised. Protection was granted by OFPRA to asylum seekers from Syria in 96.9% of the cases in 2015. This rate is to be compared to the average recognition rate of 23% for all OFPRA decisions.1 According to OFPRA’s 2015 Activity report,2 68.3% of Syrian nationals who were granted protection benefitted from refugee status under the Geneva Convention while 31.7% of them obtained subsidiary protection.

The same treatment is applied to asylum seekers from Iraq. The recognition rate for the Iraqi asylum seekers was 97.9% in 2015. 97.2% of them were granted refugee status. The situation in Iraq easily explains this high rate of protection. The same goes for citizens of the Central African Republic. The rate of recognition is 88.7%. However, most of asylum seekers granted protection are so on the grounds of the subsidiary protection (68.85%). The recent internal troubles occurring in Bangui are the main reasons explaining this rate of protection. Finally, asylum seekers from Yemen are also widely protected (81.6%) such as asylum seekers from Afghanistan (80.3%). Only 70 asylum claims have been submitted by asylum seekers from Yemen. Regarding asylum seekers from Afghanistan, 2,500 claims have been registered but OFPRA took a decision, by the end of December 2015, for only 689 of them. This important backlog may be explained by the priority given to the treatment of Syrian asylum claims; OFPRA took 2,396 decisions in that case for 3,415 claims registered.

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