Travel documents

Republic of Ireland


Irish Refugee Council

According to section 55 IPA the Minister for Justice and Equality on application by the person concerned shall issue a travel document to a qualified person and his or her family member. The Minister for Justice may not, however, issue a travel document if the person has not furnished the required information as requested by the Minister or if the person is a person in respect of whom a subsidiary protection declaration is in force and who is able to obtain a national passport, or the Minister considers that to issue it would not be in the best interests of national security, public health or public order or would be contrary to public policy.

It is unclear how this will be applied in practice but it is problematic to note that the application form includes a section on efforts made to obtain a national passport which asks where the applicant has sought the assistance of his/her consular service to obtain a national passport and states ‘you must enclose with this application a letter from your Embassy/High Commission showing that they have formally and unreasonably refused your application for a passport or travel document’.1 Such a section could put refugees and subsidiary protection beneficiaries at risk by requesting them to contact their local embassy in Ireland. The application fee for a travel document is €80.

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