Withdrawal of protection status


Country Report: Withdrawal of protection status Last updated: 30/11/20



Withdrawal (“cancellation”) of international protection status is governed by Article 86 LFIP. The law provides that status shall be withdrawn where a beneficiary: (a) by way of false documents, fraud, deceit, or withholding facts, was granted protection; or (b) should have been excluded from international protection.[1]

While LFIP does not expressly provide the same level of guarantees in withdrawal procedures as in Cessation, as it makes no reference to a right of the beneficiary to present his or her observations,[2] the possibility to submit oral or written observations “within a reasonable period” is provided in the RFIP.[3] The remaining rules and procedures are the same as in Cessation.

There are a few cases reported on cancellation of international protection status in practice. In a ruling of 2016, the Administrative Court of Bursa upheld the withdrawal of international protection decision taken against an Iranian person who had breached his obligation to remain in his satellite city and had committed a crime in another city.[4]


[1] Article 86(1) LFIP.

[2] Article 86(2) LFIP.

[3] Article 98(1) RFIP.

[4]1st Administrative Court of Bursa, Decision 2016/784, 12 May 2016.


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