Number of staff and nature of the first instance authority

United Kingdom

Country Report: Number of staff and nature of the first instance authority Last updated: 30/11/20


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Number of staff and nature of the determining authority



Number of staff

Ministry responsible

Is there any political interference possible by the responsible Minister with the decision making in individual cases by the determining authority?

Home Office Visas and Immigration (UKVI), Asylum Casework Directorate


Home Office


Source: Home Office. The number of staff is valid as of April 2019.


Responsibility for the asylum process rests with the Secretary of State for the Home Department, who is a government minister (the Home Secretary). Within the Home Office, asylum decision-making is allocated to a department called UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) and within this to the Asylum Intake and Casework Directorate. The Home Office is responsible for all aspects of immigration and asylum: entry, in-country applications for leave to remain, monitoring compliance with immigration conditions, and enforcement including detention and removal.

The operational guidance of the UKVI is available online. It includes inter alia asylum instructions on the decision-making process, on screening asylum seekers and routing them to regional asylum teams; as well as on asylum applications involving children or how to make decisions about detention of asylum seekers. Moreover, country of origin information (COI) reports are also made available online and are frequently quoted by other countries’ authorities.

Table of contents

  • Statistics
  • Overview of the legal framework
  • Overview of the main changes since the previous report update
  • Asylum Procedure
  • Reception Conditions
  • Detention of Asylum Seekers
  • Content of International Protection