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Country Report: PortugalLast updated: 10/01/18


Portuguese Refugee Council

This report was written by João Vasconcelos at the Portuguese Refugee Council (CPR), and was edited by ECRE. The information in this report draws on the experience of CPR staff, gathered inter alia through research, advocacy, legal assistance and reception services, as well as data and information shared by national authorities including SEF, ISS, SCML, DGS, DGE, DGS, and UNHCR and civil society organisations.

CPR wishes to thank all the individuals and organisations who shared their expertise to contribute or check the information gathered during the research and used in drafting the report. Particular thanks are owed to many CPR colleagues who have shared their theoretical and practical experience on the right of asylum in Portugal; the statistics and information shared by the SEF, ISS, SCML, DGS and DGE; the UNHCR Rome office for their expert and constructive feedback and finally to ECRE for its support throughout the drafting process.

CPR would also like to thank the Gulbenkian Foundation and the ACM for co-financing the research and draft of this report.


The information in this report is up-to-date as of 31 December 2016, unless otherwise stated.


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