Legal assistance for review of detention

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Access to legal assistance is subject to the same means test as for immigration and asylum legal aid generally. Detention centres provide legal surgeries run by legal aid providers who have exclusive contracts with the Legal Aid Agency to do immigration and asylum work in detention centres (IRCs). Detainees cannot obtain legal aid to instruct a lawyer other than those with a contract for that centre. Delays in getting an appointment at a legal surgery mean that in practice they may face removal before they can obtain an appointment, although some centres operate a priority system for people who have removal directions. The Independent Monitoring Board at Harmondsworth immigration removal centre records a wait of 3 weeks for a legal appointment,1 and BID’s survey showed that 69% had to wait more than a week.2 Notice of removal may be as short as 72 hours, and five days is common. In one of the more recent inspections of an IRC, The Verne, the inspectorate found that ‘Many detainees did not have legal representation and could wait up to 10 days for a legal surgery appointment’.3

The All Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Detention recorded a lot of discontent and distress from detainees about the quality of representation in detention and being left without information.4

Discussions with lawyers are held in private. Lawyers can contact their clients by mobile phone or fax, or they may also be able to speak to them on the IRC’s phone, or leave a message for them.

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