Differential treatment of specific nationalities in detention


Country Report: Differential treatment of specific nationalities in detention Last updated: 23/02/22


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In 2021, no discrimination against specific nationalities could be established as the asylum agency SAR conducted just 53 registrations in detention centers and implemented only 2 determinations. The background of asylum seekers who had their registrations in the pre-removal facilities was diverse. The reason provided by the national asylum agency SAR to implement registrations in pre-removal centers is the inability to fulfil otherwise the obligation to meet the short 6-working days deadline under the national and community law[1], if the release from detention and the transfer of detained applicants to open asylum centers was delayed by the immigration police or national security services.


[1]       Article 58(4) LAR, Article 6(1) APD.

Table of contents

  • Statistics
  • Overview of the legal framework
  • Overview of the of the main changes since the previous report update
  • Asylum Procedure
  • Reception Conditions
  • Detention of Asylum Seekers
  • Content of International Protection
  • ANNEX – Transposition of the CEAS in national legislation