Access to education for beneficiaries


Country Report: Access to education for beneficiaries Last updated: 11/04/23


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BIPs access the general education system and further training or re-training under the same conditions applying to nationals.[1] Children are granted full access to all levels of the education system.

Beneficiaries completing public secondary education have the right to participate in the nationwide entry exams in order to secure placement at state universities, under the same conditions applying to nationals. Those who are able to secure a position in the state universities study free of charge. A limited number of BIPs is admitted annually under special criteria applied for non-EU students by University of Cyprus. A limited number of scholarships is also offered from time to time by private universities.

An important limitation is that BIPs are not eligible for the student sponsorship scheme provided by the State to nationals and EU citizens who secure placement in an accredited tertiary education institution in Cyprus and abroad. This is particularly relevant to beneficiaries who, due to language barriers or an inability to secure a position in state universities, study in private universities or colleges in Cyprus and are subjected to the higher fees that apply for non-EU students.



[1] Article 21(1)(b)(i) and (iB) Refugee Law.

Table of contents

  • Statistics
  • Overview of the legal framework
  • Overview of the main changes since the previous report update
  • Asylum Procedure
  • Reception Conditions
  • Detention of Asylum Seekers
  • Content of International Protection
  • ANNEX I – Transposition of the CEAS in national legislation