Overview of the legal framework


Country Report: Overview of the legal framework Last updated: 30/11/20


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Main legislative acts relevant to asylum procedures, reception conditions, detention and content of protection

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Original Title (GR)


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Refugee Law 2000 (6(I)/2000)


Ο περί Προσφύγων Νόμος του 2000 (6(I)/2000)


Refugee Law

http://bit.ly/1O3Odb4 (GR)

Aliens and Immigration Law (Cap.105)

Ο περί Αλλοδαπών και Μεταναστεύσεως Νόμος (ΚΕΦ.105)

Aliens and Immigration Law

http://bit.ly/1IXTPnM (GR)

Rights of Persons who are Arrested and Detained Law 2005 (163(I)/2005)

O περί των Δικαιωμάτων Προσώπων που Συλλαμβάνονται και Τελούν υπό Κράτηση Νόμος του 2005 (163(I)/2005)


http://bit.ly/1IXTWQj (GR)

Legal Aid Law 2002 (165(I)/2002)


Ο Περί Νομικής Αρωγής Νόμος του 2002 (165(I)/2002)


Legal Aid Law

http://bit.ly/1CEeWu6 (GR)

Advocates Law (Cap.2)

Ο περί Δικηγόρων Νόμος (ΚΕΦ.2)


http://bit.ly/1K4yryI (GR)

General Administrative Law Principles Law 1999 (158(I)/1999)

Ο περί των Γενικών Αρχών του Διοικητικού Δικαίου Νόμος του 1999 (158(I)/1999)


http://bit.ly/1Gjthap (GR)

Law on the establishment and operation of the Administrative Court 2015 (131(I)/2015)

Ο περί της Ίδρυσης και Λειτουργίας Διοικητικού Δικαστηρίου Νόμος του 2015 (131(I)/2015)

Administrative Court Law

http://bit.ly/1VsDv68 (GR)

Law on the establishment and operation of the Administrative Court for International Protection 2018 (73(I)/2018)

Ο περί της Ίδρυσης και Λειτουργίας Διοικητικού Δικαστηρίου Διεθνούς Προστασίας Νόμος του 2018 (73(I)/2018)


https://bit.ly/2ttWcwb (GR)

Civil Registry Law 2002 (141(I)/2002)

Ο Περί Αρχείου Πληθυσμού Νόμος του 2002 (141(I)/2002)

Civil Registry Law

http://bit.ly/2lC2uDr (GR)

The Minimum Guaranteed Income and the General Provisions on Social Benefits Law 2014 (109 (I) / 2014)

Ο Περί Ελάχιστου Εγγυημένου Εισοδήματος και Γενικότερα περί Κοινωνικών Παροχών Νόμος του 2014 (109(Ι)/2014)


http://bit.ly/2ETLlE1 (GR)

Council Regulation (EC) No 866/2004 on a regime under Article 2 of Protocol No 10 of the Act of Accession as last amended by Council Regulation (EC) No 587/2008 (OJ L 163/1)


Green Line Regulation

https://bit.ly/2BHUvQ4 (EN)


Main implementing decrees relevant to asylum procedures, reception conditions, detention and content of protection


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Original Title (GR)


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Ministerial Decision 140/2019 pursuant to Article 12Btris of the Refugee Law

Απόφαση δυνάμει του άρθρου 12Βτρις των περί Προσφύγων Νόμων του 2000 έως 2019, Κ.Δ.Π. 140/2019

Safe Countries



Ministerial Decision 228/2019 pursuant to Article 9Θ(2)(α) of the Refugee Law

Απόφαση δυνάμει του άρθρου 9Θ(2)(α) των περί Προσφύγων Νόμων του 2000 έως 2019, Κ.Δ.Π. 228/2019

Labour Sectors Asylum Seekers are permitted to work


Ministerial Decree 297/2019 pursuant to Article 13A(1A) of the Refugee Law

Διάταγμα δυνάμει του άρθρου 13Α(1Α) των περί Προσφύγων Νόμων του 2000 έως 2019, Κ.Δ.Π. 297/2019



http://bit.ly/3c9bpb7  (GR)

Ministerial Decree Κ.Δ.Π. 308/2018 pursuant to Article 9Θ(1)(b) of the Refugee Law

Απόφαση δυνάμει του άρθρου 9Θ(1)(β) των περί Προσφύγων Νόμων του 2000 έως 2018


https://bit.ly/2V7Wu7A (GR)

State Medical Institutions and Services General Regulations 2000-2013

Οι Περί Κυβερνητικών ιατρικών Ιδρυμάτων και Υπηρεσιών Γενικοί κανονισμοί του 2000-2013


http://bit.ly/1RwrE4U (GR)

Medical Institutions and Services (Regulations and Fees) 1978-2013

Οι Περί ιατρικών Ιδρυμάτων και Υπηρεσιών (Ρυθμίσεις και Τέλη) Νόμοι του 1978 έως 2013


http://bit.ly/1M8f0Wd (GR)


General Measures to address Migrant Flows


On 12/03/2020 the Council of Ministers announced General Measures, in the form of an Action Plan, which are to be taken to address migrant flows[1]. According to the Action Plan the measures decided are as follows:


Action Plan


We will shorten the time for reviewing asylum applications [this] will be shortened by doubling the number of asylum examiners to 69 starting from next month

It is not clear how this measure will be implemented within a month and if examiners will be deployed from EASO staff and/or Member State experts or with recruitment procedures.


We will speed up procedures and reduce deadlines for the right to appeal before the Court.

The deadline to appeal all administrative decisions including decisions on asylum applications is enshrined in the Cyprus Constitution. Any changes would require legislative amendments. It is not clear how and when this measure would be achieved.


We have compiled a list of safe countries to distinguish manifestly ill-founded asylum applications


To date no new countries have been added to the list and only Georgia is considered as a safe country.


An application concerning a country of origin included in the National List of Safe Countries will be declared to be manifestly ill-founded and will be examined in a speedy manner within a maximum of 10 days.

To date this has not been implemented. Furthermore, this only concerns first instance examination.


The simultaneous issuance of a deportation order is promoted for those manifestly ill-founded applications that are rejected, while recognising the right of the applicant to challenge the rejection before the Court.

To date this has not been implemented.


Regulation of the phenomenon of fake marriages with amending legislation prepared and forwarded to the House of Representatives.

Such legislation has been in the works for a few months.


From the next academic year of September 2020, strict criteria for the enrolment of third-country nationals in private colleges have been introduced in order to put an end to the phenomenon of fake students, while promoting the imposition of severe penalties on those who break the law.

Policies regarding housing and/or benefits for asylum seekers will change

No information available.

The leasing of various premises, such as housing or hotel units by the State for the residence of asylum seekers is terminated and the asylum seekers will be offered accommodation in organised reception areas

Steps were taken to initiate these measures and asylum seekers were informed they would be evicted from private housing/hotels. The measures were, however, suspended, presumably on account of Coivd-19 measures and the absence of availability in reception centres.


Cooperation with the FRONTEX European Bureau responsible for returns is in place and a request is made for patrols of the Republic's external sea borders, especially in the northern part of the island between our occupied coastline and Turkey

Enhance controls on combating illegal labour and exploitation of migrants

To date, this has not been implemented.

In co-operation with the Local Authorities, an investigation is launched into the illegal residence of immigrants in inappropriate premises with the simultaneous prosecution of owners who exploit them by receiving state housing allowances that applicants receive.

To date, this has not been implemented.

We are already in the process of setting up a new Closed Type Hosting Centre, with a capacity of around 600 people to accommodate applicants until the process is completed.

Such a Centre is expected to be set up next to the First Registration Reception Centre in Kokkinotrimithia. Without the appropriate infrastructure or preparation, the First Registration Reception Centre is being used as closed centre in the meantime.


We [will] re-open all the wings of the Mennoya detention centre.

To date this has not been implemented.

It has been decided to create a single return agency

Immediately forward a request to the European Commission for financial support for the period 2020-2021, to enable the creation of appropriate infrastructure to receive and accommodate the increased number of migrants, to cover the required operating and administrative costs and equipment for surveillance of the coastline and the Green line.[2]


[1]           Ministry of Interior, Λήψη μέτρων για την ολιστική αντιμετώπιση των μεταναστευτικών ροών, 12 March 2020, available in Greek at: https://bit.ly/3as04kZ.

[2]           The Action Plan further stated: “The list of measures is not considered exhaustive. The Government welcomes the response of the parliamentary parties and the submission of suggestions taken into account in drawing up the above-mentioned list. We would like to reiterate that Cyprus is ready to support refugees, those whose lives are at risk, unprotected children and those who come from war zones. At the same time, however, we also want to send the clear message that the country's endurance limits have been exceeded and that we are now living in conditions of demographic change. The measures announced are aimed only at preserving the country's demographic image, security and prosperity.



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