Asylkoordination Österreich

Refugees are entitled to naturalisation after 6 years of lawful and uninterrupted residence in Austria.1 For beneficiaries of subsidiary protection, the waiting period is 15 years.

In order to be naturalised, a beneficiary of protection must also demonstrate:

  • Sufficient income in the last 3 years;

  • Proof of knowledge (B1) of the German language;

  • Successful completion of integration course (Werteskurs);

  • Absence of a criminal record (Unbescholtenheit).

Beneficiaries of subsidiary protection may have faster access to naturalisation in less than 15 years of residence under certain conditions. They may shorten their waiting period if: (a) they have acquired B2-level knowledge of German; or (b) have acquired B1-level knowledge and can prove efforts of personal integration. In any other case, it is easier for beneficiaries of subsidiary protection to obtain naturalisation by obtaining long-term resident status after 5 years (see Long-Term Residence); then, they may be naturalised after 10 years.

556 refugees were granted citizenship in Austria in 2015.2 Data for 2016 is not available.



  • 1. Article 11a(4)(1) and (3) Citizenship Act (StbG).
  • 2. Die Presse, ‘Asylberechtigte werden nach sechs Jahren eingebürgert’, 10 April 2016, available in German at:

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