Accelerated procedure



Dutch Council for Refugees

There is  no accelerated procedure, but all asylum applications are first examined in the short asylum  procedure in which decisions are taken within 8 working days (this time limit may be extended by  6, 8, or 14 days).1

In a report  by the Dutch scientific research and documentation centre (Wetenschappelijk onderzoeks- en documentatiecentrum, WODC) of 2014 regarding the evaluation of the revised asylum procedure, it is stated that between 2007-2009 20% of all the asylum applications were handled within the (predecessor of the) short asylum procedure; 50% in 2011, 60% in 2012 and 70% in 2013.2

In practice, authorities comply with the time limits in all procedures. On the one hand probably because they can prolong the time limits3 and on the other hand the IND has to pay a fine if the time limits are extended.4

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