Forms and levels of material reception conditions


Country Report: Forms and levels of material reception conditions Last updated: 18/03/21


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The allowance of €239.12 /month covers food, clothing and personal expenses, but it does not include public transportation nor medical costs.


The right to reception conditions includes an entitlement to:[1]

  • Accommodation
  • A weekly financial allowance for the purpose of food, clothing and personal expenses;
  • Public transport tickets to visit a lawyer;
  • Recreational and educational activities (for example a preparation for the integration-exam);
  • A provision for medical costs (healthcare insurance);
  • An insurance covering the asylum seekers’ legal civil liability;
  • Payment of exceptional costs.


The weekly allowance depends on the situation of the applicant. Asylum seekers have the possibility to have the main meal at the reception location, but this will lead to a reduction of their allowance. In the situation where the asylum seekers choose to take care of their own food, the amounts are as follows:


Weekly allowance to asylum seekers accommodated by COA
Category of applicant With food provided Without food provided
1-2 person household

Adult or unaccompanied minor








3 person household









4+ person household










Source: Article 14(2)-(3) RVA.


The cost for clothes and other expenses is covered by a fixed amount of €12.95 per week per person.[2] Unlike the other allowances, this allowance is not fixed and adjusted annually which has been criticized by academia.[3]


As of 1 January 2021, the social welfare allowance for Dutch citizens is set at €1,052 for a single person who is at least 21 years old. An asylum seeker receives approximately less than 30% of the social welfare allowance provided to Dutch citizens. However, it has to be acknowledged that it is difficult to compare these amounts as asylum seekers are offered accommodation and other benefits.


Due to the large numbers of asylum seekers applying for asylum in 2015, the Secretary of State made it possible for asylum seekers who had been granted a residence permit but were still accommodated in the AZC to stay with family and friends from the moment they obtained their residence permit until suitable housing was found.[4] According to the COA, this is still possible based on Articles 11(1) and 9(1) RVA.


[1]Article 9(1) RVA.

[2]Article 14(4) RVA.

[3]L. Slingenberg, Geen cent te makken, A&MR 2020, nr. 6-7, p. 292-295.

[4]Secretary of State, Decision No 677862, 10 September 2015.

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