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Belgrade Centre for Human Rights

The right to free legal aid is guaranteed by the Asylum Act, as well as the right to receive information concerning asylum.1

As a matter of practice, authorities generally fail to provide adequate information concerning the nature of the asylum procedure and the rights and obligations of asylum seekers present either in asylum centres or elsewhere. Interpreters are only occasionally available in asylum centres, making meaningful communication between asylum seekers and centre staff difficult.

Interpretation is regularly available for persons submitting an asylum application or present in a hearing, with no known problems concerning specific languages. However, it should be borne in mind that interpretation services are paid for by UNHCR, with individual interpreters available from a list compiled by the agency.

Legal information is provided by NGOs providing free legal aid to asylum seekers in Serbia. Such NGOs generally have access to interpreters, with leaflets provided in several languages usually spoken by asylum seekers.


  • 1. Article 10 Asylum Act.

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