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Country Report: Access to education Last updated: 30/11/20


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Children beneficiaries of international protection have an obligation to study at primary and secondary education institutions of the public education system, under the same conditions as nationals.[1] Similar to Reception Conditions: Access to Education, the new L. 4636/2019 refers not to a right to education but to a duty on beneficiaries of international protection.

Adult beneficiaries are entitled to access the education system and training programmes under the same conditions as legally residing third-country nationals.[2] The number of children beneficiaries of international protection enrolled in formal education is not known. However, the total number of asylum-seeking and refugee children enrolled is 11,700 (see Reception Conditions: Access to Education).[3]

A number of Greek language classes are provided by universities, civil society organisations and centres for vocational training. However, as noted by UNHCR, “the lack of Greek language classes, which most perceive to be required for integration, was a commonly referenced issue”.[4] A pilot programme of Greek language courses funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) announced in January 2018 had not been implemented at least by April 2019 due to bureaucracy and disagreement among the competent Ministries.[5] Finally, this programme was included in the HELIOS project and has been implemented since June 2019 by IOM and its partners.[6] Moreover, the Municipality of Athens regularly organizes Greek language courses for adult immigrants, as well as IT seminars, for, among others, adult refugees.[7]


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