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Overview of statistical practice

Since February 2020, the authorities have suspended the publication of statistical information by the Asylum Service, previously made available on a monthly basis. Limited information on the asylum procedure is made available in the form of monthly reports by the Ministry of Migration and Asylum. Moreover, there are substantial disparities between figures presented by the Ministry of Migration and Asylum monthly reports and Eurostat, pointing for example to respective first instance recognition rates of 44% and 69% for the first half of 2020.[1] At the same time, transparency and publication obligations imposed by Greek law on administrative bodies such as the Appeals Authority remain ‘dead letter’ to date. The Appeals Authority has never published quarterly activity reports pursuant to Article 4(3) L 4375/2016, in which it should include statistics on appeals lodged, the percentage of cases processed in written and oral procedures, processing times of appeals, recognition rates, applications for annulment lodged against Appeals Committee decisions, applications for legal aid and beneficiaries of legal aid.[2]


Applications and granting of protection status at first instance in 2020

  Applicants in 2020 Pending applications at the end of 2020 Refugee status Subsidiary protection Rejection (on the merits) Total number of 1st instance decisions/acts[3] Refugee rate Subs. Prot. rate Rejection rate
Total 40,559 57,347[4] 26,371 7,954 22,821 81,052 33% 10% 28%
  Breakdown by countries of origin of the total numbers:
Afghanistan 11,514 19,327 4,606 6,164 5,494 2,330 28.3% 37.9% 33.8%
Syria 7,768 5,563 13,478 2 1,232 3,716 91.6% 0.01% 8.4%
Pakistan 4,146 4,711 99 9 4,061 917 2.4% 0.2% 97.4%
DR Congo 1,929 3,546 562 77 1,413 113 27.4% 3.8% 68.9%

Source: Ministry of Migration and Asylum, Yearly Report 2020, published in January 2021, available at: and Information provided by the Asylum Service, 31 March 2021


Gender/age breakdown of the total number of applicants: 2020

  Number Percentage
Total number of applicants 40,559 100%
Men 27,807 68.56%
Women 12,752 31.44%
Children 14,490 35.73%
Unaccompanied children 2,799 6.9%

Source: Information provided by the Asylum Service, 31 March 2021.

The figures on children and unaccompanied children are part of the figures on men and women.

Comparison between first instance and appeal in-merit decision rates: 2020

  First instance Appeal
  Number Percentage Number Percentage
Total number of decisions 81,052 100 25,011 100
Positive decisions 34,325 42.35% 1,045 4.2%
Refugee status 26,371 33% 481 1.92%
Subsidiary protection 7,954 10% 564 2.26%
Referral for humanitarian status Not applicable Not applicable 370 1.48%
Negative decisions (in merits) 22,821 28% 15,751 63%

Source: Asylum Service 31/03/2021; Appeals Authority 09/02/2021.


The remaining decisions taken by the Appeals Committees concerned appeals rejected as inadmissible on formal grounds (53 cases) or due to the application of the concept of safe third country or appeals filed after the expiry of the deadline etc.[5]



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[3]It concerns: refugee status recognition, subsidiary protection, rejection on the merits, inadmissibility decisions, act of discontinuation, filing of a case without further action,

[4] Information provided by the Asylum Service, 31 March 2021. However, according to the official statistics of the Asylum Service the pending applications at the end of 2020 were 76,335; see Ministry of Migration and Asylum, Yearly Report 2020, published in January 2021, available at:

[5] Information provided by the Appeals Authority, 9 February 2021.

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