Types of procedures


Country Report: Types of procedures Last updated: 02/05/22


Nikola Kovačević

Serbia has the following procedures:


The border procedure is yet to be applied in practice. The MoI has outlined that border/transit zone procedure at the airport will be conducted after reconstruction and extension of the Terminal facility at the airport Nikola Tesla. The project envisages the construction of detention premises for persons refused entry, but also persons who might apply for asylum and who could then be subjected to the airport/border procedure. Even though the reconstructions should have been finalised in the first quarter of 2021, they were still ongoing in February 2022.[1] The old detention premises at the airport are still being used.

There are no operational facilities in the border areas with North Macedonia and Bulgaria where border procedure can be conducted. However, a new Detention Center in Dimitrovgrad, which is located at the very border with Bulgaria will become operational in 2022.




[1]  Ombudsman, Одговор Аеродрома “Никола Тесла” и Станице граничне полиције Београд на препоруке Заштитника грађана, 4 November 2020, available at: https://bit.ly/3uUNfNt.

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