Criteria and conditions


Country Report: Criteria and conditions Last updated: 30/11/20


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A beneficiary of international protection has the right to reunification with his or her family members.[1] Family members are the spouse, provided that the marriage was contracted before the arrival to the Republic of Serbia, the common-law partner in accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Serbia, their minor children born in legal or in common-law marriage, minor adopted children, or minor step-children. Exceptionally, the status of family member may be granted also to other persons, taking into account particularly the fact that they had been supported by the person who has been granted asylum or subsidiary protection, their age and psychological dependence, including health, social, cultural, or other similar circumstances.[2]

A family member for whom there exist grounds to be excluded from asylum shall not have the right to family reunification.[3]

So far, no practice exists with regard to the family reunification procedure.


[1]           Articles 70(1) and 9(2) Asylum Act.

[2]           Article 2(2) and (12) Asylum Act.

[3]           Article 70(4) Asylum Act.


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