Admissibility procedure


Country Report: Admissibility procedure Last updated: 30/11/20


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There is no admissibility procedure in Serbia. However, the Asylum Office may dismiss an application without examining the merits when the following grounds apply:Article 42(1) and (3) Asylum Act.

  1. The applicant comes from a First Country of Asylum;

  2. The applicant comes from a Safe Third Country;

  3. The applicant makes a Subsequent Application with no new elements.

Rules on interview, appeal and legal assistance are the same as in the Regular Procedure, with the exception of appeals against the inadmissibility of a subsequent applications which must be lodged within 8 days before the Asylum Commission.[1]

In practice, the admissibility of an application is examined during the asylum interview.

The Asylum Office dismissed 10 asylum applications as inadmissible in 2019. All of them were dismissed on the grounds of the safe third country concept.[2]


[1]Article 42(4) Asylum Act.

[2]Pursuant to Article 33(1)(6) of the old Asylum Act.


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