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Country Report: Health care Last updated: 30/11/20


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The Asylum Act foresees that asylum seeker shall have equal rights to health care, in accordance with the regulations governing health care for aliens.[1] In exercising the right to health care, adequate health care shall be provided as a priority to severely ill asylum seekers, applicants who have been victims of torture, rape or other serious forms of psychological, physical or sexual violence, or applicants with mental disorders.[2]

Upon their arrival to the reception facility, asylum seekers are obliged to undergone mandatory medical examination which is conducted in line with the Rulebook on medical examinations of asylum seekers on admission in asylum centres or other facilities designated for accommodation of asylum seekers. The Rulebook on medical examinations envisages that examination shall be conducted by medical doctors at the health care centres.[3] The examination includes anamnesis (infectious and non-infectious diseases, inoculation status), an objective check-up and other diagnostic examinations.[4]

Asylum seekers originating from countries with cholera, malaria or other diseases that may pose a threat to public health shall be placed in quarantine or under medical supervision up to the period of maximum incubation for the suspected disease.[5]

In practice, asylum seekers and persons granted asylum have relatively unimpeded access to the national health care system in an equal manner to Serbian nationals. The costs of health care for asylum seekers and persons granted asylum are always covered by the Ministry of Health.


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