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Country Report: Registration of the asylum application Last updated: 21/04/21


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The Migration Agency is the only authority responsible for registering an asylum application. Asylum applications can be made at designated offices of the Migration Agency in Stockholm (Sundbyberg and Märsta), Gävle, Boden, Norrköping, Gothenburg and Malmö. If a person seeks asylum at an airport or port, they are referred to the Migration Agency.

In 2020, a total of 12,991 applications for international protection were lodged in Sweden. This marks a decrease of 41% compared to 2019, where 21,958 applications were lodged. This is mainly due to the impact of COVID-19, as travel restrictions made it difficult to reach Sweden. Nevertheless, the possibility to apply for asylum was maintained throughout the year despite the COVID-19 situation.

In 2020, 12,991 applications were lodged in Sweden, where the majority were lodged in Stockholm (6,269), in Gothenburg (2,540) and in Malmö (2,181). [1]

Applications lodged by location: 2020
Locations Number of applicants
Arlanda 673
Boden 181
Borås 25
Flen 25
Gävle 1
Gothenburg 2,540
Halmstad 21
Jönköping 22
Kramfors 25
Kristianstad 25
Malmö 2,181
Mariestad 19
Märsta 11
Norrköping 38
Skellefteå 25
Stockholm 6,269
Sundsvall 135
Umeå 41
Uppsala 101
Vänersborg 27
Västerås 42
Växjö 26
Åstorp 7
Örebro 231
Other 300
Total 12,991

Source: Swedish Migration Agency, Applications for asylum received 2020, available at:

There are no specific time limits laid down in law within which a claim must be made. In reality, however, if a late claim is made, the applicant must put forward reasons for the delay during the asylum interview, and risks having his or her credibility called into question for not having sought protection earlier.

There have been no problems reported for asylum seekers regarding the registration of their claim in practice in 2020, i.e. registration remained accessible during COVID-19.


[1]           Swedish Migration Agency, Applications for asylum received 2020, available at:

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