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Country Report: Safe country of origin Last updated: 21/04/21


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The safe country of origin concept is not applicable in Sweden. It is worth noting, however, that applications from specific countries of origin such as the Western Balkan states are treated as “manifestly unfounded” claims (see section on Differential Treatment of Specific Nationalities in the Procedure). The Migration Agency has also dedicated a specific procedural track, “Track 4B”, to persons coming from nationalities with recognition rates below 20%, and whose claims may be processed faster.

As Sweden has no list of safe countries of origin, the CJEU clarified in A v Migrationsverket in July 2018 that the Migration Agency cannot reject an application as manifestly unfounded on that basis (see Accelerated Procedure). On 19 June 2019, the government ordered an investigation regarding the possibility to introduce a list of safe countries of origin.  A government memorandum was published on 30 January 2020, which outlined the legislative changes necessary to achieve that aim.[1] The government has expressed as a goal to implement the required legislative changes during the fall of 2020. The Government has presented a law proposal introducing safe country of origin concept and giving the Migration Agency the possibility to develop list of safe countries. The law proposal, if adopted, would enter into force on 1 May 2021.[2] The Swedish Migration Agency has suggested eight countries to be included to the list of “safe countries of origin”: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, Kosovo, Mongolia, North Macedonia, Serbia and the United States.[3]



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