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Country Report: Travel documents Last updated: 21/09/23

The Procedural Regulations provide that every beneficiary of international protection is to be granted a travel document entitling him or her to leave and return to Malta without the need of a visa.[1]

Travel documents for beneficiaries of international protection in Malta are issued by the Malta Passport Office following a request by the refugee or subsidiary protection beneficiary. They are valid for the duration of residence permits issued by the Expatriates Unit – three years.[2]

The Malta Passport Office issues a Convention Travel Document for people who are granted refugee status while persons holding subsidiary protection and Temporary Humanitarian Protection are issued an Alien’s Passport. Beneficiaries of the SRA status are also entitled to a travel document, and they are also issued with an Alien’s Passport. There are no geographical limitations imposed by the Passport Office or the Immigration Police, but holders of Aliens’ Passports are bound to ascertain that the document is recognised and valid for travel to the country they intend to visit, as it is not an internationally recognised travel document.[3] There are no known obstacles to the recognition of these travel documents in other countries.

The travel documents issued to beneficiaries do not restrict the holder from travelling to the country of origin or any other country.

In 2021, the Passport Office issued 300 convention travel documents for refugee status holders and 2018 Alien’s Passport (this includes other type of residence permits).[4]




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[2] Information provided by Mr Ignatius Ciantar, Senior Principal, Passport Office and Civil Registration Directorate, 19 September 2016.

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[4] Information provided by Identity Malta, April 2022.

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