Withdrawal of protection status


Country Report: Withdrawal of protection status Last updated: 19/05/21


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According to the International Protection Act, a declaration of refugee status can be revoked by the International Protection Agency in the case where a person should have been excluded from being a refugee or where his misrepresentation or omission of facts, including the use of false documents, was decisive for the granting of refugee status.[1]

The refugee shall be informed in writing that his or her status is being reconsidered and shall be given the reasons for such reconsideration. The refugee shall also be given the opportunity to submit, in a personal interview or in a written statement, reasons as to why his or her refugee status should not be withdrawn.

The International Protection Agency may also revoke or refuse to renew the protection granted to a refugee when there are reasonable grounds for regarding him or her as a danger to the security of Malta or if, having been convicted by a final judgment of a particularly serious crime, he constitutes a danger to the community of Malta. In such cases, the person is entitled to appeal against the revocation to the Board within seven days of the notification of the revocation.[2]

Regarding subsidiary protection beneficiaries, the International Protection Agency shall revoke or refuse to renew such status if the person, after having been granted subsidiary protection status, should have been or is excluded from being eligible for subsidiary protection or if that person’s misrepresentation or omission of facts, including the use of false documents, were decisive for the granting of subsidiary protection status.[3]

In 2020, the IPA withdrew 4 refugee status and 10 subsidiary protection statuses.



[1]           Article 10, International Protection Act.

[2]           Article 10(6) International Protection Act.

[3]           Article 22 International Protection Act.

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