Subsequent applications


Country Report: Subsequent applications Last updated: 16/04/21



Subsequent applications are subject to an Admissibility Procedure. If there are no new grounds for the application, a decision on inadmissibility is issued. In 2020, there were 1,267 subsequent applications, submitted mainly by Russian and Ukrainian nationals.[1]

The first subsequent application has suspensive effect on a return decision and return order cannot be executed.[2] If the application is considered inadmissible because the applicant did not present any new circumstances of the case[3] it can be appealed within 14 days and until the Refugee Board makes a decision, suspensive effect is upheld. If the application is considered admissible, i.e. containing new circumstances relevant for the case, the Head of the Office for Foreigners issues a decision considering the application admissible.[4] In this case, suspensive effect is in force until the final administrative decision on international protection is served. In case of further subsequent applications, there is no suspensive effect on a return order.[5]

In 2020 the Office for Foreigners issued 73 decisions deeming the subsequent application admissible, while the applications of 1,166 persons were dismissed as inadmissible.[6]

In 2019 the Voivodeship Administrative Court in Warsaw issued a judgement in which the Court stated that the subsequent application cannot be deemed inadmissible even if only one single element of facts of the case has changed.[7]

With regard to personal interviews, appeal and legal assistance, see section on the Admissibility Procedure.



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