Types of accommodation


Country Report: Types of accommodation Last updated: 12/05/23


Asylum seekers are accommodated in the Asylum Home in Ljubljana and its three branch facilities. All reception facilities are managed by UOIM.

Capacity and occupancy of the Asylum Home and branch facilities
Centre Capacity Occupancy at 31 December 2022
Asylum Home 350 320
Branch Facility Kotnikova 90 77
Branch Facility Logatec 350 226 (including TP holders)
Student Dormitory Postojna 22 5
Total 812 628

 Source: Official statistics provided by UOIM.


The main reception facility is the Asylum Home in Ljubljana, which accommodates up to 203 persons. Until 2015 this was the only reception centre in Slovenia. Currently, the Asylum Home accommodates mostly single men, women, unaccompanied minors and families waiting to lodge the application, the Branch Facility Kotnikova in Ljubljana exclusively single men, the Branch Facility Logatec serves as an accommodation centre for asylum seekers, applicants for temporary protection and temporary protection holders, and the Student Dormitory Postojna accommodates unaccompanied children.

Applicants can also request to reside in private accommodation (see Forms and Levels of Material Reception Conditions). 16 asylum seekers were living in private accommodation at the end of 2022.[1]

In the case of the Border Procedure, yet to be applied, persons expressing the intention to seek asylum can also be accommodated “close to the border”, if the requisite material reception conditions are guaranteed.[2] Other types of accommodation are not used in practice.




[1] Official statistics provided by UOIM, February 2023.

[2] Article 43(2) IPA.

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