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Croatian Law Centre

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The Croatian Law Centre has unlimited access to the Centre for the purpose of assisting applicants for international protection.

However, asylum seekers and migrants detained contact the Croatian Law Centre by phone on a daily basis. Other NGOs working with migrants and asylum seekers, such as the Croatian Red Cross, JRS and the Centre for Peace Studies, are also present at the Centre from time to time. JRS staff is present in the Centre twice a week providing psychosocial support to detained persons. The Centre for Peace Studies reported that they had informal agreement with the Ministry of Interior to visit the Centre 4 times per year.1 During these visits, they usually talk with detained persons as well, but at the end of 2016 they were not allowed to do so, and were told that they have to get permission by General Police Directorate.

UNHCR and attorneys representing applicants also have unlimited access to the Centre. Media or politicians can also access the detention centre. However, every visit should be announced in advance.

  • 1. Information provided by the Centre for Peace Studies, 13 February 2017.

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