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Convention Travel Documents are issued to persons granted refugee status with a 3-year validity.1 The only limitation to the areas of travel is the country of origin of the refugee. In the current form, the Convention Travel Documents issued do not meet the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organisation and, although to date this has not been an obstacle for refugees to travel to the Schengen Area, which is the most common destination, there are often complaints of being stopped by various airport immigration authorities at times for hours due to the travel document.

Beneficiaries of subsidiary protection are issued with one-page travel documents valid for a one-journey trip (laissez passer), which are very problematic as the vast majority of countries do not accept these, including the Schengen Area.

The authorities have stated since early 2016 that they are carrying out procurement procedures in order to issue Convention Travel Documents as well as Alien travel documents for beneficiaries of subsidiary protection in line with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organisation. The latest update is that efforts are still underway to issue these.

  • 1. Article 22 Refugee Law.

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