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The “first country of asylum” concept, requiring that a person has obtained international protection in a third country, is a ground for inadmissibility. The possibility of enjoying “sufficient protection” is not enough to justify inadmissibility. Inadmissibility is declared when the asylum seeker is entitled to enjoy “effective protection”. Considering the effective protection a EU Member State has to provide, the Council of State has defined this protection as follows:

  • The State respects the rule of law;

  • The State is not targeted by any mechanism of Article 7 of the founding Treaty; and

  • The State does not violate any fundamental right out of those prescribed in Article 15 ECHR.1

Regarding the effective protection granted in a non-EU Member State, the Council of State only refers to the effective protection without detailing what it is made of.2

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  • 2. Council of State, OFPRA v. M.S., Decision No 369021, 17 June 2015.

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