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In Hungary, persons with protection status do not get a residence permit, but a Hungarian ID. For refugees the duration of the ID card was 10 years and was reduced to 6 years on 1 January 2016, while for persons with subsidiary protection was 5 years, but since 1 June 2016 both last for 3 years.1 According to the amendments of June 2016, refugee and subsidiary protection statuses shall be reviewed every 3 years. 2

There are difficulties in the issuance of IDs in practice, notably the fact that it takes at least 1 month to issue an ID. According to the new regulations in force from 1 June 2016, persons with international protection status will only be able to stay in the reception centres for 30 days after the delivery of the decision.3 Therefore by the time they will have to leave the camp, they will still not have their residence permit card, thereby facing greater difficulties in finding a job and accommodation.

A client of the HHC received his ID card approximately 4 months after the delivery of the international protection status. Another client received subsidiary protection after his status had been revoked the same year. Even though the IAO sent the notification of the recognition decision to the Government Office, the latter still had not changed the status of the client in the central system so the issuance of the ID card was not possible in his case.

As regards renewal, refugees so far did not have problems in renewing their Hungarian ID after 10 years, as this was done automatically. However, persons with subsidiary protection cannot merely renew their Hungarian ID, but the authorities examine ex officio whether conditions for subsidiary protection are still met. According the new regulations, both refugee and subsidiary protection status have to examined by the IAO ex officio after 3 years of the day the status was granted.


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