Access to detention facilities



Hungarian Helsinki Committee

Asylum seekers detained have a right to legal assistance, therefore lawyers can visit detention centres.  In practice they need to inform the director of the detention facility in advance about the time of their visit. Certain NGOs have concluded agreements with the detention centres regarding access. HHC concluded a detention centre monitoring agreement in 2002. According to this agreement, HHC staff is allowed to conduct visits, with prior notice of 2 days. UNHCR has unlimited access to the detention centres due to its mandate. Family members and friends can visit the detainees during visiting hours on a date agreed in advance.

In principle media and politicians have access to detention, but they need to ask for permission in advance. In practice this rarely happens, since the interest is not very high.

HHC lawyers regularly – every week or every second week – visit asylum detention facilities and immigration detention centres and provide legal assistance. In asylum detention facilities, no other NGO is regularly present, while in immigration detention centres social workers and psychologists from Menedék association are present on a daily basis. 

About AIDA

The Asylum Information Database (AIDA) is a database managed by the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE), containing information on asylum procedures, reception conditions, detenti