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Duration of residence permits granted for different statuses

Refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection are granted temporary asylum status for five years (Article 28, second paragraph, Aliens Act). Material rights are the same. The residence permit also has a validity of five years (Article 4.22, second paragraph, Aliens Decree).

Procedure for granting a permit

The Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) is responsible for issuing a residence permit. The Dutch authorities have made efforts to register and issue residence permits to status holders who have been housed in a municipality at an earlier time. End of 2015 the so called BRP-straat (BRP stands for Basisregistratie Personen, the Persons Database of the municipality) was introduced in Application Centres nationally. As a result, asylum seekers who are granted temporary asylum status during their stay at the Application Centre, will be registered immediately in the Persons Database and will receive their temporary residence permit. This means that, once they are assigned to a local authority, their registration can be quickly and easily processed by that new local authority. Also, they will have quicker access to social security benefits. Organisations contributing to the BRP-straat are IND, COA, NVVB and Platform Opnieuw Thuis.

Migrants who already have been transferred to a Centre for Asylum Seekers when granted temporary asylum status will, within a few weeks after status has been granted, be invited to pick up their residence permit at one of the offices of the IND. There are no problems known to us regarding this procedure. 

Procedure for renewing a permit

In case the residence permit is stolen or lost, the migrant is requested to report this to the police (Article 4.22 Aliens Decree and Article 3.43c, first paragraph, Aliens Regulations). In order to acquire a new permit a form, which can be found on the website of the IND, has to be filled out and sent to the IND. A copy of the police report has to be included. Costs for renewing a residence permit are 159 euro for an adult and 51 euro for a minor (website IND).

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