Forms and levels of material reception conditions


Country Report: Forms and levels of material reception conditions Last updated: 26/06/23


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According to the LITP, material reception conditions are: accommodation in the Reception Centre, food and clothing provided in kind, remuneration of the cost of public transport for the purpose of the procedure for the approval international protection, and financial aid.[1] The manner and conditions of providing material reception conditions shall be established by the Ministry of Interior, while the Reception Centre shall decide on the right to financial assistance.[2] The amount of financial assistance should be established by the decision of the Minister of Interior.[3]

The Decision on the Amount of Financial Assistance for Applicants for International Protection prescribes that the amount of support is 100 HRK per month, thus approximately €13.30. Monthly financial support to applicants is very low, although the amount varies if there are dependent family members. The amount of 100 HRK per month is very limited and can serve only as pocket money. Since mid-2016, applicants in Zagreb may use public transport free of charge.

The system granting material reception conditions to applicants is separate from the general welfare system for nationals, and is less favourable for applicants as compared to nationals.




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