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Country Report: Provision of information on reception Last updated: 12/01/21


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There are no specific rules for information to be provided to applicants on rights and obligations relating to reception conditions. The provisions in the LITP on information to applicants are formulated generally. The Ministry of Interior has to inform the applicants within 15 days of the expression of intention, about the procedure of approval of international protection, about rights and obligations they have in that procedure, the possibility of contact representatives of UNHCR and other organisations who work to protect the rights of refugees, and the possibility of receiving free legal assistance.[1]

In practice, according to the information available to the Croatian Law Centre, this information is given in writing during the submission of the application for international protection.

Applicants are informed about the House Rules of the reception centres and these rules are also displayed in a visible place in the premises of both Reception Centres for Applicants for International Protection. According to information provided by the Croatian Red Cross in previous years, the House Rules are available in Croatian, English, French, Arabic and Farsi. The Ministry of Interior has also specified back in 2017, that House Rules are also available in Urdu, Pashtu, Somali and Hindi.[2]

Upon their arrival in the Reception Centre, applicants are also informed by social workers and psychologists of the Croatian Red Cross about their rights and obligations, the House Rules and rules of conduct which must be adhered to while accommodated in the Reception Centre as well as other practical information e.g. the daily schedule of the distribution of linen, clothing and footwear, and hygiene items, laundry services, information on daily creative workshops and other activities available in the centre.


[1] Article 59(2) LITP.

[2] Information provided by the Ministry of Interior, 2 March 2017.


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  • ANNEX I – Transposition of the CEAS in national legislation