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Overview of statistical practice

Applications and granting of protection status at first instance: 2022

Limited asylum statistics for 2022 can be found on the website of the Ministry of Interior (MOI).[1] However, MOI did not provide a breakdown on the outcome of the  procedure. According to the Ombudsman report,[2] 10,087 intentions to apply for international protection were expressed in border police stations and 137 in airport police stations. During 2022, 21 refugee statuses were granted, while 82 applications for international protection were rejected (63 males and 19 females). They were nationals of Türkiye (29), Iran (9), Russia (8), Cuba (7), Morocco (7), India (5) and other (17).[3]

  Applicants in 2022 Pending at end of 2022 Refugee status Subsidiary protection Rejection Refugee rate Sub. Prot. rate Rejection rate
Total 12,872 N/A 21 0 82
Breakdown by countries of origin of the total numbers
Iraq 2,434 N/A N/A 0 N/A
Russian Federation 2,064 N/A N/A 0 8
Burundi 2,051 N/A N/A 0 N/A
 Türkiye 1,572 N/A N/A 0 29
Afghanistan 1,390 N/A N/A 0 N/A
Cuba 1,065 N/A N/A 0 7
Syria 628 N/A N/A 0 N/A
Iran 450 N/A N/A 0 9
DR Congo 193 N/A N/A 0 N/A
Pakistan 156 N/A N/A 0 N/A
India 107 N/A N/A 0 5
Morocco 41 N/A N/A 0 7

Gender/age breakdown of the total number of applicants: 2022

  Number Percentage
Total number of applicants 12,872
Men (including children) 7,660 59.5%
Women (including children) 5,212 40.5%
Children 4,773* 37.1%
Unaccompanied children 436 3.4%

Source: Ministry of Interior, Statistics 2022, available at:

*The number of children was indicated in Ombudsman for children report for 2022, available in Croatian at:


Comparison between first instance and appeal decision rates: 2022

  First instance Appeal
  Number Percentage Number Percentage
Total number of decisions N/A 36
Positive decisions 21
Refugee status 21
Subsidiary protection 0
Negative decisions N/A 30




[1] Ministry of Interior, Statistics 2022, available at:

[2] Report of the Ombudsman for 2022, available in Croatian at:

[3] Croatian Law Centre, The Croatian Asylum System in 2022- National Report. The report was prepared as part of the project “Legal Assistance and Capacity Building for Access to Territory and Asylum in Croatia“, with financial support of the UNHCR Croatia: available in English at:

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