Family reunification


Country Report: Family reunification Last updated: 11/01/22



Article 49 TPR appears to grant temporary protection beneficiaries the possibility of “making a request” for family reunification in Turkey with family members outside Turkey. While the article provides that DGMM shall “evaluate such requests”, the wording of this provision does not indicate strictly a right to family reunification for beneficiaries. It is rather worded as a possibility subject to the discretion of DGMM.

According to Article 3 TPR, a beneficiary’s spouse, minor children and dependent adult children are defined as family members. The article also provides that in the case of unaccompanied children, “family unification steps shall be initiated without delay without the need for the child to make a request”.

In practice, Türk Kızılay is the main actor working on family reunification applications, especially reunification of children with their families in Turkey, while AFAD manages family reunification requests in the border regions. According to their statistics, as of January 2021 Türk Kızılay had received 3,239 family reunification requests to date.[1] They also provide accompaniment in case of child reunification in Turkey and family tracing services.


[1]           Türk Kızılay, Syrian Crisis Humanitarian Relief Operation, January 2021, page 4.

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