Subsequent applications


Country Report: Subsequent applications Last updated: 14/07/23



While the LFIP does not provide a specific dedicated procedure for the handling of subsequent applications, reference is made to subsequent applications in the legislative guidance concerning admissibility assessment and accelerated processing considerations.

According to Article 72(1)(a) LFIP, a subsequent application where “the applicant submitted the same claim without presenting any new elements” is inadmissible. In such a case, the PDMM shall issue the inadmissibility decision and notify the PMM Headquarters within 24 hours; however, there is no time limit for taking an inadmissibility decision.

At the same time, Article 79(1)(f) LFIP foresees application of the accelerated procedure where the applicant “files a subsequent application after his previous application was considered implicitly withdrawn”. Accordingly, if a subsequent application successfully passes the inadmissibility check, it will be treated under the accelerated procedure.

The PDMM are responsible for the initial admissibility assessment on subsequent applications and the subsequent examination of the claim in accelerated procedure. Whereas the inadmissibility decisions are also finalised by the PDMM, status decisions in accelerated procedure will be referred to the PMM Headquarters for finalisation based on the personal interview conducted by the PDMM.

While the law does not provide a definition of “subsequent application”, it is indicated that subsequent applicants, who “submit the same claim without presenting any new elements” shall be considered inadmissible. In the absence of any further legislative guidance, it is up to the discretion of the PDMM in charge of registering the application to determine whether the applicant “has presented any new elements”. This is very problematic.

The law does not lay down any time limits for lodging a subsequent application or any limitations on how many times a person can lodge a subsequent application.

There is not sufficient information from practice to indicate how subsequent applications are currently being treated.

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