Duration of detention


Country Report: Duration of detention Last updated: 14/07/23



Administrative detention in the international protection procedure is permitted for up to 30 days.[1]

Pre-removal detention, on the other hand, may be ordered for 6 months, subject to the possibility of extension for another 6 months.[2]

In current practice, since the law allows for persons who register an international protection application to remain in pre-removal detention without a separate detention order under Article 68 LFIP (see Grounds for Detention),[3] lawyers and other experts are aware of several cases where the persons concerned were never communicated Article 68 detention orders and held in detention for more than 30 days while their asylum application was processed by the PDMM, in clear violation of the law.

Persons facing removal have to be transferred to a Removal Centre within 48 hours of the issuance of the detention order.[4] As the Constitutional Court clarified in its B.T. judgment in 2017, this means that a person can only be detained in a police station for a maximum of 48 hours before being transferred to a Removal Centre.[5] In provinces such as İstanbul, detention exceeding the 48-hour deadline has been reported as a practice, however.[6] There is a pre-removal centre at Pendik in İstanbul where the detention period can often be longer than 48 hours.[7] (see Unofficial detention facilities)




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